Turkish Journal of Geriatrics 2017 , Vol 20 , Issue 1


The upcoming education activity of Turkish Geriatrics Society is the third course on scientific research in the field of geriatrics which will be held on the 21st and 22nd of April, 2017 in Ankara.

Trainers who are experienced in research methodology and scientific writing in geriatrics and gerontology will take part during this interactive course, aiming to support the young academicians and to increase the awareness about geriatric research.

The main subjects of this course are, research on geriatric population, evidence based medicine, types of research, basic principles of the design of scientific research, observational, cohort, cross sectional and case control studies, resources of frequent errors, experimental and clinical research, validation studies, ethical aspects of the research, the procedure of application to the ethical committees, publication ethics, how to publish a paper and how to evaluate a paper.

All details of this course are announced on the website of Turkish Geriatrics Society and the board of directors is honored to invite you to this scientific event.

As the members of the “board of directors” we are well aware of the fact that, reviewers of our journal always give valuable constructive criticism to the authors and help to improve the journal. Another new attempt of the journal for 2017 is that the wide list of “national advisory board” will be covered on the web based system and all the referees that have given support to the journal will be announced at the end of each year.

Prof. Yeşim GOKCE KUTSAL, M.D.
Editor in Chief