Turkish Journal of Geriatrics 2020 , Vol 23, Issue 4
Süleyman ERDOĞDU1
1Istanbul Haydarpasa Numune Training and Research Hospital, otorhinolaryngology, İstanbul, Turkey DOI : 10.31086/tjgeri.2020.189 Introduction: This study aims to investigate why some patients over 65 years of age cannot use their hearing aids.

Materials and Method: Hospital records between January 2018 and April 2019 identified 1,017 patients who received a hearing aid. Among them, 373 patients over the age of 65 were included in the study. It was questioned that they did not use the hearing aid.

Results: The reasons for not using the hearing aid are as follows: 9 patients couldnot distinguish sounds; 8 patients" cheap devices were not efficient; 6 patients showed a negative image so as not to be mentioned as disabled ; 6 patients" device battery runs out too quickly but use it as needd; 5 patients" device is making noise; 3 patients" device often fails; 3 patients reported it giving them headache; 2 patients feltirritated and that it injured theirear; 28 patients did not participate in the hearing rehabilitation program and did not contact the seller company to make the technical settings of the device.

Conclusion: Elderly patients complain that although they can hear voices, they have trouble understanding what the voices are saying, which are related but separate issues. Before applying the device, the age of the patient should be considered. All the details about the use must be taught to the person initially. It is very important to make technical adjustments depending on the software features of the device and routine control shouldbe included in the hearing rehabilitation program. Keywords : Geriatrics; Presbycusis; Hearing Aids; Hearing Loss