Turkish Journal of Geriatrics 2015 , Vol 18, Issue 3
Nilgün ÖZÇAKAR1, Mehtap KARTAL1, Şehnaz HATİPOĞLU2, Gizem LİMNİLİ3
1Dokuz Eylul University, Faculty of Medicine, Department of Family Medicine, İZMİR
2Ministry of Health, 24th Family Health Center, İZMİR
3Dokuz Eylul University, Medicosocial Services Unit, İZMİR
Introduction: Within many studies little attention has been paid to elders' ideas about medicines. This qualitative study set out to explore the experiences of elderly requiring chronic treatment.

Materials and Method: Four focus groups were conducted with 27 participants aged 65- 88 years. Interviews were taped, transcribed, and coded by two independent researchers, who identified major themes by relevance.

Results: The main themes emerging from the analyses were: perceived properties of drugs; proper usage of drugs and experience of drug usage. Participants described these in their words as; ‘Everybody has a disease, but I am a drug addict; I have used drugs all my life'. ‘I'm not worried about taking them, mostly because if they're going to kill me earlier I don't care because I just want to get rid of the problem'. ‘I don't know the names; I recognise them looking at their sizes and colours'. ‘I need to get a continuous way, but sometimes I do not. If I forget to drink I take it after I remember'.

Conclusion: To understand elderly' experience and behaviors helps to meet their medication related needs and can avoid problems due to improper drug usage. Keywords : Elderly; Use of medication; Medication experience