Turkish Journal of Geriatrics 2006 , Vol 9 (Supplement)
Erciyes Üniversitesi Tıp Fakültesi Hakan Çetinsaya İyi Klinik Uygulamalar Merkezi, Kayseri The medication use has been increasing continuously. In this field rational medication use is of great importance.. Decrease of functions due to age can cause important changes on pharmacokinetics of medications and this decrease has big variability. Pharmacokinetic changes and drug interactions cause the unpredictable increase in plasma drug levels ve increase in the incidence drug side eefects. Phamacokinetic properties of medications have to be very well known and medication doses must be individualized and also at the beginning of the medication low-doses must be used. All patients have to be observed continuously and all side effects are to be taken into consideration and we must be prepared for any kind of unintended effects. Keywords : Ratinal Pharmacotheraphy, Pharmacokinetics, Side Effects, Elderly