Turkish Journal of Geriatrics 2011 , Vol 14 (Supplement)
Safi ye TUNCER
Ankara Üniversitesi Tıp Fakültesi Fiziksel Tıp ve Rehabilitasyon Anabilim Dalı, ANKARA Living organisms are subjected to various mechanical stimuli as well as biological ones. Mechanobiology is the fi eld that studies the infl uences of these mechanical forces. At the cellular level, the structure, composition and function of the tissues are regulated by mechanical forces acting on the cells. Articular cartilage, is a load bearing tissue which is exposed to high and repetitive mechanical forces during movement. Physiological joint loading is essential for the maintenance of the structural, biochemical and mechanical properties of normal articular cartilage. Abnormal mechanical loading that exceeds the tolerance of cartilage may lead to osteoarthritic process. Further research is necessary to defi ne the relation between osteoarthritis and mechanical stress on articular tissues. Keywords : Osteoarthritis, Cartilage, Articular, Mechanic, Biology