Turkish Journal of Geriatrics 2014 , Vol 17 , Issue 4


Turkish Geriatrics Society releases several scientific documents for the public and press releases every year continuously.

The following documents which were prepared during 2014, can be reached from the website of the society (www.turkgeriatri.org):

I. NGOs, including in the Turkish Geriatrics Society met in Istanbul on 9-10 November, 2014. The theme was “Road Safety” and our society offered contributions from the perspective of seniors.

II. The activities of Turkish Geriatrics Society took place in “IAGG Newsletter”: Sept 2014, Vol. 20, No.4.

III. “Elderly abuse and neglect” was brought to stage in a document dated; 15th Sept, 2014.

IV. The society organized a public conference on “Dementia, Delirium and Depression” on the 1st of October “International Elderly Day” in Çankaya Municipality- 100+ Age Club, Ankara-Turkey. The members of the 100+ age club will were informed about prevention, early diagnosis, differential diagnosis and tretament of these three neurological and psychological diseases that are seen in advanced age. Assoc. Prof. Ufuk Ergün was the presenter and the seniors showed great interest and curiosity to these topics.

V. “Risk factors of ill health among older people”, which are; injury, development of noncommunicable diseases, poverty, social isolation and exclusion, mental health disorders and elder maltreatment were discussed in an another document dated: 2nd June, 2014.

VI. May 31 “World No Tobacco Day” 2014 campaign was organized by Specialty Associations Coordination Board of Turkish Medical Association and Turkish Geriatrics Socierty was one of the partners of the press release.

VII. Our Society took actively part in the “National Vaccine Workshops” and the related reports in March 2014.

VIII.“Ageing Turkey” report was released in 3.2.2014.

IX. Education programs of Turkish Geriatrics Society took place in 2014; 1st Course on “Scientific Researches in Geriatrics”, “Basic Geriatrics Updating Course” for medical doctors and “Geriatric Nursing Updating Course” for nurses were performed successfully in April 2014. The coming courses will be announced on the web site of the society.

X. Every year in 18-26 March during the “National Elderly Respect Week” our society orhanizes symposiums for public, and the theme of this year was: “Ageing without getting old”. Tips for healthy ageing, exercise recommendations for elderly, prevention of falls, rationale grug use, prevention from mouth and teeth problems were given by the academicians.

Prof. Yesim GOKCE KUTSAL, M.D.