Turkish Journal of Geriatrics 2011 , Vol 14, Issue 3
Tuncer SAÇAR1, Handan SAÇAR2
1Ödemiş Devlet Hastanesi Dermatoloji 2 Kliniği İZMİR
2Şifa Üniversitesi Dermatoloji Kliniği İZMİR
Introduction: The aim of this study was to determine the distribution of skin diseases during the geriatric period

Materials and Method: A retrospective, descriptive study was planned. Among 18503 patients referred to Bornova Sifa Hospital and Private Buca Doruk Medical Center between September 2004 and November 2009, 874 geriatric patients who were > 65 years old were retrospectively analysed from automation record system.

Results: Totally 874 geriatric patients referred during the study period were included in the study; 41.50% of the patients were male (325), 58.50% were female (459), the ratio of male/female was 0.70. The total number of the patients in 65-74 and >75 years old age groups was 504 (64.3%), and 280 (31.7%), respectively. The most frequently seen disease group was infectious dermatosis (32.3), followed by eczema (23.6%), xerosis (11.5), generalized pruritis, premalign neoplasms (4.3%), unclassifiable group (4.2%), malign neoplasms (4.1%), bening neoplasms (4.1%), sebaceous gland diseases (2.6%), urticaria (2.4%), eritematous squamous dermatosis (1.9%), physical dermatosis, hair diseases (0.8%), pigmentation disorders (0.8%), nail diseases (0.6%) and sweat gland diseases (0.6%).

Conclusion: It was concluded that 67.4% of the geriatric skin problems were comprised of infectious dermatoses, eczemas, and xerosis. Keywords : Geriatrics; Dermatitis; Keratosis, Actinic; Skin Neoplasms