Turkish Journal of Geriatrics 2006 , Vol 9, Issue 1
1Muğla Üniversitesi Muğla Sağlık Yüksekokulu,MUĞLA
2Muğla Üniversitesi Yabancı Diller Bölümü, MUĞLA
3Muğla Üniversitesi Muğla Sağlık Yüksekokulu IV. Sınıf, MUĞLA
Backgroud and Aims: Getting human's life longer and increasing of the population of old people in total population have caused human being's keeping fit and healthy in advanced years as well to be discussed in everyday life. This study was done in order to find out life quality of the old who live in the city centre of Muğla.

Material and Methods: It was a defining type of research and was done with 1047 old people out of 3679 who live in the region of No: 1 and No: 2 local health services in the city centre of Muğla by using face to face method cross selection between the dates the twentieth of November, 2003 and the tenth of January, 2004. In the questionnare the personal forms consisting of seven questions that specify socio-demographic qualifications of the old people, short forms (SF 36) and the measure of life quality were used.

Results: In the research it was determined that 41.9% of people were between the age 65 and 69, 50.7% of people were male, 43.4 % of them were primary school graduate, 26.2% were from Social Insurance Organisation, 52.6% had 303 million TL. or less monthly income, 63.6% live with their partners. In the study a meaningfulness between life quality and age, sex, education, social insurance, economic condition and partners of people was fixed in terms of statistics. When we look at the total scores that the old people took from the sub- measures it was found that the highest mean 54.34 ± 45.95 was in the difficulty of role (emotional), the lowest mean 36.53 ± 16.23 was in “vitality” sub-measure.

Conclusion: On the one hand the old people's feeling tired and exhaused all the time influences their (vitality) life qualities negatively, on the other hand not having emotional problems at work or in daily activities influences their life qualities positively. Keywords : Old age, Life quality