Turkish Journal of Geriatrics 2015 , Vol 18, Issue 4
Ayşe ÖKTEM, Başak YALÇIN, İrem GENÇ, Güneş GÜR
Ankara Numune Training and Research Hospital, Dermatology Clinic, ANKARA Although cutaneous leishmaniasis was an important health problem in the Southeast Anatolia region of Turkey before the 1950s, it was effectively controlled by successful health policies thereafter. Classical clinical presantation of cutaneous leishmainasis is the painless erytemaotus papules or nodules developed in the areas of infected sandfly bite which are ulcerated and healed gradually with a scar formation. cutaneous leishmaniasis can be presented in its atypical forms as well, such as zosteriform, sporotrichoid, psoriasiform, chancriform, paronychial cutaneous leishmaniasis. In this case report, we present a 67 years old women with erysipeloid cutaneous leishmaniasis, a rare atypical form of cutaneous leishmaniasis, who was succesfully treated. Cutaneous leishmaniasis is an increasing health problem in Middle Eastarn countries and countries receiving refugees nowadays. Regional and international health organizations should be aware of this problem and support the fight against this disease accordingly. Keywords : Cutaneous leishmaniasis; Erysipeloid leishmaniasis